Even if you are in Bangkok for the very first time you have probably heard already the most vibrant district and the heart of the city is Sukhumvit area.

Among all the attractions like shopping centers, night clubs and bars, in Sukhumvit are situated some of the most exceptional restaurants in Bangkok. From traditional Thai cuisine and authentic Lebanese specialities, to modern Japanese flavors, even the most pretentious food specialist would be pleased and satisfied.

Luckily, House by the Pond has its perfect location near Sukhumvit road and while you are enjoying your stay here, you will be in minutes away from all those fancy restaurants.

We’ve picked top 10 restaurants that are worth to visit and a map how you could get there.

Koi Restaurant

Koi Restaurant Sukhumvit

The Koi restaurant in Bangkok is a magnificent structure with a stunning entrance, rich and luxurious interior that combines warm amber tones of red with strategic lighting, unique architectural design, and comfortable seating.
Known for providing guests with outstanding service and exceptional food, Koi serves fresh sushi, home-made soups, a wide variety of delicious salad combinations, an exceptionally large selection of impressive Signature dishes ranging from seared fresh tuna, to wasabi braised short ribs or Kobe style filet mignon.
When you’re in the area, check out the Koi restaurant. Reservations are recommended and valet parking is available.

Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant

Nadimo Lebanese Restaurant

Nadimos has a strong commitment to serving exceptional and authentic traditional Lebanese cuisine. This unique restaurant had its beginnings as a place for mainly friends and family to get together and share a meal; however, it was soon recognized by the locals for their excellent food, and it quickly earned an admirable reputation.

Here you can enjoy totally authentic dishes that include tabbouleh, baba ghanush, hummus, kebabs and more. Enjoy a wide variety of soups, unique soups, and an extensive list of cold mezze, hot mezze, manakeesh, sandwiches, desserts, and main courses as well. Their attention to detail in plating their cuisine is unsurpassed, as well as their personal and outstanding service. They also serve a wonderfully authentic Lebanese coffee that is ideal at the end of any meal.
You’re sure to have an unforgettable and authentic Lebanese experience when you dine at Nadimos.


Lemongrass restaurant is located inside of an older Thai house that is set back from the street, and it is decorated in a charming fashion with antique furniture and decor. The dining areas are split into 2 sections with the larger of the 2 is located near the back of the restaurant and faces an attractive garden. This creates a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy your meal.

The food here is tremendously scrumptious, and the service is impeccable. Most of the dishes served here have a home cooked feeling, and the atmosphere inside the restaurant has a home-style feeling as well; however, it can be difficult to get a table without prior reservations, and the place is almost always packed to capacity.
Their dishes are truly authentic and remain true to traditional Thai cooking, although they will tone down the spices for westerners, as their authentic dishes can be extremely spicy. Their curries, fresh salads, and signature dishes keep the local Thai people and tourists alike always returning for more. Dining here will be an authentic dining experience that you will remember for years to come.


Kuppa Restaurant Sukhumvit

Kuppa is a café and restaurant with an industrial theme. The main colors used in the theme are mainly dark against light, which creates a comfortable, although industrial atmosphere. Kuppa features Italian cuisine combined with traditional Thai dishes.
Kuppa is well-known for its consistency and comfort, and it’s an extremely popular as a lunch venue. The menu at Kuppa has changed little over the years. Home-style sandwiches are served on cutting boards, and their exceptional salads are served in large wooden bowls. The restaurant specializes in pizza, pasta, and traditional Thai favorites that include nom tam kai yang, fish, steaks, duck, and more.

Additionally, Kuppa roasts their coffee beans on the premises, which makes for an exceptionally fresh after dinner drink. The restaurant is also recognized for having one of the best cheesecakes that rival any other restaurant in the world.
Portion sizes at Kuppa don’t change between lunch and dinner, and nobody leaves hungry. The only difference between lunch and dinner is that the lighting is lowered in the evening, and a mix of jazzy instrumentals is added to create a relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy your meal. If you choose to only order appetizers or a light salad, the staff doesn’t mind at all. The service and staff at Kuppa is outstanding and very friendly.

Ten Sui Japanese Restaurant:

Ten Sui Japanese Restaurant Sukhumvit

Physically and architecturally, Ten Sui is one of Bangkok’s most attractive Japanese restaurants. The exquisite grounds and splendid patios combined with a natural feeling interior make it well worth the visit in their own right, not to mention the fantastic cuisine that includes imported ingredients of the highest quality. The food is expertly prepared and served by waitresses in radiant traditional dress.

Ten Sui serves an amazing selection of food with extremely high standards, quality, and attention to detail. This includes grilled, fried, hot stone, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, sushi, noodle dishes, rice dishes, and sashimi style. The drink list is extensive as well, and offers wines from all over the world, as well as traditional sakes.
Although Ten Sui is located in a four story building, seating here is rather limited. The restaurant includes a sushi bar, a few private tatami rooms located on the second floor, and about six or seven tables downstairs. The only downside of Ten Sui is that it doesn’t come cheap, and it’s common for people to dine here during special occasions that warrant spending that amount of money.

The Seafood Bar:Seafood Bar Sukhumvit

The Seafood Bar is known for offering an ever-changing menu that offers guests the freshest, and often rarest of catches. They also offer plenty of variety and offer some 15 varieties of oysters for guests to choose from. The fish here is always light and prepared to perfection, as are their mussels and other house specialties.

Light blue colors combine with high ceilings, well-placed lighting, an enormous fish mural, and a cheerful staff that all work together to create a wonderful dining atmosphere. The Seafood Bar also features a Wine Keeper, which is a preservation system that prevents open bottles of wine from becoming oxidized. This translates into a glass of wine that tastes as if you just recently popped the cork.
The Seafood Bar in Bangkok is definitely worth a visit.

Long Table:

Longtable Restaurant Sukhumvit

Long Table Restaurant is situated on the 25th floor with an amazing panoramic view of Bangkok. The restaurant features a 25 meter long table and modern video artwork. Here you can relax on the sprawling terrace and enjoy a wide variety of cocktail and music.

Long table not only places their attention to the high quality food and service, but focuses its efforts on the total dining experience. Long Table is based around the breathtaking and longest existing restaurant table found anywhere.
The menu items include the highest quality ingredients served with a high degree of professionalism. Menu items are unexpected and inventive, combining an innovative presentation with a modern flair. Signature dishes include a Tuna and octopus capriccio with a special vinaigrette sauce, chick pea salsa, and roasted rice. Other dishes include crispy chicken wings that are stuffed with an herbal pork and prawn filling. They also serve a variety of delectable spring rolls, and much more.
You will never forget this truly one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Face Restaurant:

The Face Restaurant: Sukhumvit

Face Bangkok Restaurant is definitely off the beaten path. Built in and old wooden villa, this restaurant offers charm combined with exceptional food and service. Antique furnishings adorn the Teak houses that surround a beautiful garden. This restaurant combines three Asian cuisines that include Japanese, Thai, and Indian dishes.
The service at Face Bangkok is attentive, and the food is meticulously and beautifully presented. The Thai food is exceptionally spicy, so the staff goes out of their way to ask guests how spicy they would like their meal prepared. The Japanese menu offers a wide variety of fresh fish and high-quality sushi.
Live music is offered on each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 8pm and 11pm. This restaurant even has its own spa, so you can totally relax and unwind after a long day. Face Bangkok also specializes in large events such as wedding receptions and corporate events. The restaurant has calm and inviting feeling; you will always feel welcome here.

Enoteca Italiana

Enoteca Italiana Sukhumvit

Enoteca Italiana is a small, cozy restaurant that is quite rare and difficult to find in the bustling city of Bangkok. Enoteca Italiana offers creative and traditional cuisine that includes cold cuts, a variety of specialty cheeses, and home-made pasta served by a courteous staff in a relaxed atmosphere.

Enoteca Italiana also offers an extensive and exclusive collection of Italian wines paired with traditional Italian dishes. Neutral tones combined with dark wooden beams create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere inside Enoteca Italiana. The restaurant also features a large wall of wines at one end of the barn-like dining room and a bar at the other end. In fact, Enoteca translates into “place of wine,” which explains their selection of over 300 wines to choose from.
The restaurant offers guests a view of a well lit front yard that really stands out during the evening hours. Enoteca Italiana is a quaint, charming restaurant that you will be pleased to have experienced.


L'appart Restaurant Sukhumvit

L’Appart is a high-end restaurant that features French cuisine with Thai influences. Here you can expect to find seasonal items that are broken down into tapas and signature dishes that are guaranteed to please even the most discerning of palates. Main ingredients such as lamb, scallops, and snail are always present; however, the recipes that feature them change every couple weeks.
The décor is very high-end as well, and nearly everything is imported. The overall feeling is combines elegance with coziness, and lends itself as an ideal place to take a date. The restaurant also features an outdoor terrace, a library nook where you can wait for your date to arrive, and a magnificent full bar that offers a DJ station. The bar specializes in drinks that combine champagne with other liquors that end up producing a unique cocktail that’s sure to please.
This restaurant will live up to even the highest of expectations.


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